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Class 30
Application deadline is on August 10 23:59 CET

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A technical background is not necessary if you want to apply to HackYourFuture. However there are a few conditions you need to meet. Please read them before you apply:

The application process

Our application process consists of a few but very important steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our students have a refugee background. However, we think many other people can benefit from our program as well. If you have limited access to education and the labour market you can apply to our program. This includes refugees, migrants, long-term unemployed, single mothers, people with disabilities/addiction, etc. If you are not sure if this applies to you, you can contact us at
No, we start with the basics of programming. More important than your background is your work ethic and ability to work in a team.
  • You need to be comfortable speaking and reading in English.
  • You need to be very motivated and willing to work very hard (30-40 hours per week at least).
  • You should be able to attend our classes every Sunday for at least 7 months. You need to be fully committed to HackYourFuture during this time as and finish the course.
  • Dropping out during the course because of a job or internship opportunity is not accepted.
We teach every Sunday, so one day a week. During the week we expect you to do your homework with online support from our teachers and your fellow students. Occasionally we also organize technical sessions througout the week. We expect you to study a minimum of 30-40 hours per week. The more the better.
Our program is free. We can pay for your training because we are generously supported by sponsors and donors. We also ask the companies that hire you an ‘education fee’.
Yes, we cover all train-travel expenses to Amsterdam for the duration of the whole program.
Over 85% of our graduates find a job as a developer. We have a large network of companies ready to hire new talent. After graduation we introduce you to companies, and if there is a match, you can start your programming career. Often you will start with an internship of a few months which is followed by a job offer. Our graduates currently work for companies like, KLM, Ebay, Owlin, Zivver and Screen6.
Currently over 85% of our graduates find work after finishing the program. However, to finish our program is a major challenge and will require a lot of hard work and effort.
Of course. However, we only accept students who have faced challenging circumstances in their lives. If you can attend and afford a regular coding bootcamp, we advise you to do so instead.
Want to know what and how we teach? Check our program!

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Class 30
Application deadline is on August 10 23:59 CET