A technical background is not necessary if you want to apply. However there are a few conditions you need to meet and steps you need to take (see below). The application deadline for our next class is set for December 18th at 23:59 CET.
A technical background is not necessary if you want to apply. However there are a few conditions you need to meet and steps you need to take. The application deadline is on April 29 23:59 CET. We look forward to meeting you!


Applying to our program consists of a few but very important steps
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Our application form can be found here. When completing it, you will be asked for your motivation letter and CV so have it at hand! Make sure both look professional and without spelling mistakes. After completion of the form we will send you a confirmation email.
Complete the application form


The day after the final application deadline you will receive an assignment by email. You will have around 10 days to complete it. The assignment consists of a basic online course and after that you will have to make a website and a video. It is important that you take this seriously. We advise you to block these 10 days in your agenda and spend at least 4 hours a day on it. The more professional your website and video looks, the more chances you will have to go to the next round.


If you do well on the technical assignment, we will invite you to a video interview. During the interview we will ask you questions about your background and motivation, and your technical assignment. Make sure to prepare yourself! We select 15 people from the interviews for our new class. If you are not selected for our new class, you can always apply again for the next one! Some of our best students have applied multiple times.


Is HackYourFuture for refugees only?
Most of our students have a refugee background indeed. However, if your spouse has a refugee background, or your family, you are eligible to apply as well. If you are not sure if this applies to you, contact us at
Do I need approval from the gemeente?
If you are on welfare and receive support from a client manager (contact persoon) at the gemeente (municipality) it is essential that you inform them about your participation in HYF. They should agree and support your decision to join and to start your career with an internship (which is often unpaid at first).
I am Dutch. Can I apply to your program?
Of course. However, we only accept students who have faced challenging circumstances in their lives. If you can attend and afford a regular coding bootcamp, we kindly ask you to do so instead.
Can I work or study next to the program?
Our program is very challenging and demanding. While some of our graduates managed to have a part-time job next to their studies, this is very difficult to accomplish. Additionally, when you are in our program we expect you to be available for classes and all other extracurricular activities that will help increase your chances of employment upon graduation.


Our team and partner companies are looking forward to meeting you!