HackYourFuture teaches software development to refugees

The demand for talented software developers is growing rapidly.

Yet many people who have left their country involuntarily are unable to use their abilities, lacking access to training and professional networks.

We put that potential to good use. Training refugees in computer programming significantly boosts their chances of fulfilling, long-term employment, whilst increasing the number of developers on the job market. That’s a win-win situation.

HackYourFuture students during their class on Sunday.

Results until today

Our measure of success is simple - do our graduates find a job? Therefore our selection process is rigorous and the program is tough; not everyone who starts our course graduates. After finishing the program, we guide our students towards employment through our network of tech professionals.

Our approach is working: Over 90% of our graduates have gone on to secure employment.

Overview, the opening and gathering of everyone in HackYourFuture before the classes start.

How our school works

Our coding school teaches a 6-month full-stack web development program. The curriculum is created and taught by our volunteer network of over forty professional developers.

Our students learn the fundamentals of full-stack web-development, with a focus on modern JavaScript. Our students aren’t just taught the mechanics of coding; they learn how to work on projects in a modern tech team, how to be problem-solvers. They learn to think like developers.

HackYourFuture teaches every Sunday. We pay for students’ travel, so our students can join us from all over the country. In addition to our in-person teaching sessions, we coach and support our students online throughout the week.

Meet the Amsterdam team

Wouter Kleijn

Managing Director

Noer Paanakker

Education Director

Tjebbe Schalij

Education Support

Federico Fusco

Partnership Manager

The Board

Zazie Wolters

Jork Lousberg

Omnia Nour

Iman Haghighirad

Gijs Corstens

Arshad Shamsi


Unmesh Joshi

Jim Cramer

Maartje Kruijt

Mauro Mandracchia

Borislav Nikolov

Jason Gwartz

Hardit Singh

Joost Lubach

Mattijn Lahuis

Daan Aerts

George Sapkin

Denys Izhetskyi

Jawhar Birakdar

Jalal Alnadeem

Hasan Shahoud

Frank Versnel

Laurens Aarnoudse

Ariadne Gomes

Pablo Celentano

Pablo Villoslada Puigcerber

Nadine Jaradat

Tamim Al Manaseer

Philipp Beau

Bonan Zhao

Alexandre Borrego

Valerio Barrila

Ivana Setiawan

Maarten Vleugels

Nouran Mhmoud

Arco Mul

Isaac Hinman

Donaldson Chickeme

Vincent Tunru

Timir Karia

Nasir Shadravan

Samir Aleido

Tim Janisch

Martijn Beijk

Ahmad Kabakibi

Yousef El - Dardiry

Michael Trouw

Laurens Rietveld

Filip Ilievski

Hadi Mansoraty

Erol Suleyman

Thom van Gessel

Roel Witteman

Michiel van der Ros

Natan Santolo

David Furlong

Camilo Martinez

Gyula Weber

Carlos Martinez

Richard A.Kraaijenhagen

Rob Sutter

Piotr Bakker

Yash Kapila

Sarea Alkebaly

Sarbast Mohammed Mustafa

Sander Hidding

Rohan Nicholls

Rogier Mars

Rob van Kruijsdijk

Paul Bremer

Neo Nchabeleng

Marciano Viereck

Knarik Poghosyan

Daniela Olaru

Daniel Lau

Claudio Semeraro

Alejandro Cadavid

Wilgert Velinga

Abdul Rahman

Josja Heerema

Igor Budasov