Mission, Vision and Values

At HYF we support people with a distance to the labour market find quality employment because we envision a world where your drive and potential, not your background, define your career opportunities. With the help of an amazing community we are making sure no talent goes wasted!

Respect and Empathy

Empathy helps us to understand that not being able to use your potential is a frustrating experience. From this follows respect. Regardless of our different backgrounds and opinions, we respect each other and acknowledge the fact that we are all human beings with challenges and dreams. As such, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a fundamental value of our organization.


Communication and Collaboration

HYF relies heavily on the contributions of our mentors and the efforts of students. Also within classes collaboration is key. Students will need to ask their classmates for help. Not only will students solve technical challenges, learning how to collaborate and communicate is part of being a successful developer. To facilitate decent collaboration, professional communication is pivotal. Communication among students, with mentors but also with and within the core team.

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Drive & Pro-activity

HYF students might not have a lot of experience with coding, but their sheer commitment is what sets them apart and renders it a valuable investment for a company. This commitment is based on one’s drive (the ability to motivate yourself and keep working) as well as pro-activity (doing more than is expected of you). Our program is completed based on this value, with a clear focus on self-study and self-awareness. There is a clear infrastructure of support by way of the curriculum, the core team and the mentors. But students need to put in most of the effort to reach their goals. We typically estimate the weekly commitment to HYF for students at ~40 hours. But if this is your chance to take back control over your life, maybe more is needed.


Results Oriented and Accountability

In a way, coding is just a means to an end. Becoming a good coder will hopefully lead to a good job and a better life. Therefore, at HYF, everything we do is with this goal in mind. It is also what sets us apart from many programs that focus on training only (often with limited sustainable impact). For this reason we try to run HYF as much like a company with a professional environment. We therefore constantly evaluate the invested time of the core team and assess whether their efforts lead to a higher chance of placement of students. It is also why we expect students and mentors to participate in HYF in a professional manner. To see it as a job, instead of a hobby.

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