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We train refugees to become software-developers

In our 6-month program we train talented refugees with and without a coding background in modern JavaScript software development. Our aim is to have our students land their first software development job after finishing our course, and we do everything we can to prepare them as well as possible. With our team of over 35 experienced senior developers we have created a program around the special needs of refugees. Our teachers are all volunteers, and we are all extremely passionate about coding. We believe talented refugees are a great opportunity for the software development world, we are here to give them a helping hand.

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We are currently looking for:


We believe that this generation of refugees has great potential. Help us maximize their potential with your donation.

Code Mentors

We’re looking for web-developers with experience with Javascript and related frameworks


Does your organization have laptops up for donation? Our student could really use them.

Core Team

Gijs Corstens
Managing Director
Maartje Kruijt
Educational Director
Christopher Klüter
Director HackYourFuture Copenhagen


Ahmad Kabakibi
Joost Lubach
Mauro Mandracchia
Daan Aerts
Michael Trouw
Unmesh Joshi
Hadi Mansoraty
Iris Salcedo
Laurens Aarnoudse
Pablo Puigcerber
Filip Ilievski
Laurens Rietveld
Samir A. Aleido
Erol Suleyman
Timir Karia
Tim Janisch
Martijn Beijk
Mattijn Lahuis
Thom van Gessel
Pablo Celentano
Jason Gwartz
Machiel Visser
Roel Witteman
Jim Cramer
Michiel van der Ros
Yousef El-Dardiry
Natan Santolo
David Furlong
Camilo Martinez
Gyula Weber
Carlos Martinez
Richard A. Kraaijenhagen
Rob Sutter
Piotr Bakker


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