Women Coding Teaser

Group of women who get their first coding class.

What can you expect?

In three hours we will give an impression about what it means to be a developer. We will talk about job opportunities in the technology sector and most importantly we will do some hands-on coding and you will build your first website.

At HackYourFuture we teach talented refugees who want to start a career in web development, with or without a tech background. Our six-month coding courses begin every two months. Since we started 3 years ago we have helped over 75 of our students with finding a job.

The 'Women Coding Teaser' is meant to give you an idea about the basics of web development but also to introduce you to the HackYourFuture program. We at HackYourFuture care about having a diverse community and would love to welcome more women in our school.

If you think coding is something for you and enjoy our teaser you can apply for our 6 month programming course.

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us at wct@hackyourfuture.net

Apply for our next teaser day: Apply here!