teacher in front on class of students.

Our teaching approach

What we teach

Our students learn how to build full-stack applications. We teach HTML, CSS, Command Line, Git, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js and MySQL.

Aside from technology, our students learn how to think like a programmer by solving problems and work in teams. These fundamental skills prepare our students for their first jobs as web developers.

Our curriculum is an open-source project. It is continuously updated and adapted to the latest cutting-edge technologies. Anybody - teachers, students, or a random contributor - can open an issue or pull request to suggest improvements.

Who are our teachers

All our teachers are skilled developers, with multiple years of experience. They teach in their free time on weekends and in evenings. Our teachers work for a range of companies, from start-ups to major corporations.

We like to refer to our volunteers as 'mentors’, as they provide support, guidance, and advice to our students in addition to technical expertise.

Student and teacher solving a problem behind computer.
teacher with project group.

What it means to be a teacher

Most of our teachers commit to teaching in-person for four hours each Sunday. Our curriculum is organised into modules (topics) of three weeks each. Teachers are typically assigned to teach a module in pairs, as well as providing feedback on students’ homework. During the week students receive online support, with over 40 skilled developers on stand-by.

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