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Sarea Al Kebaky

Sarea is our very first student. He studied computer science in Damascus, before the Syrian war broke out. While living in his refugee-camp, he built Amsterdam Voorziet, an online platform for underprivileged citizens in need of support and services. Sarea is now a frontend developer at ZIVVER!

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Aya Al Abrash

24-year-old Aya came to live with her dad in Wassenaar in 2017, together with the rest of her family. Originally coming from Syria, where she didn’t get a chance to finish her Bachelor Degree in Information Technology Engineering, Aya recalls that it was quite challenging at first. “I didn’t want to start my degree all over again in the Netherlands but wasn’t sure what to do either.

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Rabih Alqaraweet

Before Rabih came to the Netherlands, he studied software engineering in Syria. Yet the frameworks and programming languages taught by HackYourFuture were new to him. The course was a challenge as he was doing his mandatory Dutch classes at the same time. Rabih: “Sometimes I made weeks of 60-70 hours.”

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Nouran Mahmoud

Hackyourfuture was the place that made me feel the real value of my time. It is not only the gate for teaching but also for giving me the chance to change others' lives who really need a way for better opportunities. As the need for talented developers grows around the world, HYF tries to help by supplying the community with talented juniors. Being part of this community makes me feel proud and pleased.


Sander Hidding

I really enjoy working at HackYourFuture because it's an amazing opportunity to share knowledge among students and teachers. It encourages me to rethink about my understanding of simple concepts that you would normally take for granted on a day to day basis. Teaching thereby gave me the opportunity to get a better understanding of the core fundamentals of development. From my experience, HackYourFuture has been a very optimistic place with a community of volunteers and students that seek for new challenges, understanding and creating an impact on their personal lives and those around them. I'm very thankful to be able to take part in such a great initiative!


Alejandro Cadavid

Over the last several months I have been working with HackYourFuture by providing advanced masterclasses for graduated students and mock technical interviews for those who are about to start looking for jobs. This has given me the opportunity to meet the graduates, see their skills which truly speaks about the quality of the education provided to the students, their enthusiasm and their ability to learn. It also gives me an opportunity to impact their lives at my own pace, even if I can’t commit to a 3 week class or if some of the courses are not in my areas of comfort.


Willem Pino

Volunteering at Hack Your Future is a win-win-win to me. It helps people from vulnerable backgrounds find their place in the Netherlands, society profits from all the enthusiastic and smart people with a job, and I leave every Sunday with a smile on my face! Although I am a Java programmer and the course is mostly JavaScript focussed, I was happy to discover I could still help a lot of people (and learn something while doing it). After introducing Hack Your Future to my company for a possible partnership, we planned the first sessions within two weeks. This is exemplary of their pragmatic start-up attitude and another reason I would recommend Hack Your Future to anyone looking to make an impact outside of their regular job.


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