Student presenting his final project.

Hire Talent

Are you looking for developers while making a positive impact on society? We can help.

Our students are:

  • Talented as they are selected out of a pool of 1000+ applicants
  • Hard-working and resilient as they survived our demanding six-months program
  • Add an international perspective to your team
  • Have residency permits which enables them to work in the Netherlands

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Where our students work

Bijenkorf. KLM. Nuon. Accenture. Energie. Vruchtvlees. Ilumy. Kpmg.

Success Stories


Rabih Alqaraweet

Before Rabih came to the Netherlands, he studied software engineering in Syria. Yet the frameworks and programming languages taught by HackYourFuture were new to him. The course was a challenge as he was doing his mandatory Dutch classes at the same time. Rabih: “Sometimes I made weeks of 60-70 hours.”

After the course HackYourFuture helped Rabih to start an internship at the software company Owlin. He exceeded expectations and was offered a job. According to Sjoerd Leemhuis, co-founder of Owlin, hiring Rabih was not an act of pure altruism, but also “a very rational business decision. He simply adds a lot of value, that’s why we want him to be part of the team.”

Watch Rabih’s story and how he was hired by Owlin:

Graduate of HackYourFuture
Graduate of HackYourFuture

Sarea Al Kebaky

Sarea is our very first student. He studied computer science in Damascus, before the Syrian war broke out. When Sarea started at HackYourFuture he felt he forgot everything he learned in university. During our course he learned to work with the latest programming languages. While living in his refugee-camp, he built Amsterdam Voorziet, an online platform for underprivileged citizens in need of support and services.

After his course, HackYourFuture helped Sarea to find an internship. He was then hired by ZIVVER as a frontend developer. Because of his stable income Sarea’s wife was able to move to the Netherlands. She is currently a student at HackYourFuture as well.