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Our graduates come from various educational backgrounds, but all share perseverance and grit. Our program is very demanding and finishing it really is an achievement.

Some of the 60+ companies who trust HackYourFuture:
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Modern skills to support your team.

HYF grads are trained to perform as junior web-developers in a modern tech team, write clean code and think like problem-solvers. They know the fundamentals of full stack web-development, with a focus in modern Javascript.

Watch Rabih’s experience working at Owlin!

An education done in partnership.

Besides programming, our training program also teaches crucial soft skills to work well within a team-based setting. Part of their education is done at companies like Adyen and Uber.

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Scrum Workshops
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Slack / Trello
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Time management
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Soft skills training
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Legal Matters
Our graduates have residency permits which enables them to work in the Netherlands just like any other citizen. In some cases, employers are eligible for subsidies when hiring a graduate for a full-time job.
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We will send you one or more CVs of graduates that fit your organization. If interested, you can invite them for an interview and technical assessment. You decide if you want to move forward and offer a job or internship.
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We charge a fee of €350/month excl. VAT when you hire a graduate for an internship and a single fee of €3000 (minus internship costs) for a full-time contract and €5000 for a mid/high level dev. Read our brochure for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your needs we will select one or more CVs. You will decide which candidates you want to interview, both testing soft skills and technical skills. If you are interested to hire one or more of our students, you can make an offer for an internship or entry-level job.
Most of our students are on welfare. In most municipalities any remuneration will be deducted from their welfare benefits (‘uitkering’). It is advised to provide travel compensation if the graduate has to travel to work. Of course, once you decide to offer a (half-)year contract they will receive a salary and get out of the uitkering.
Since our students are mostly junior developers it helps to have some form of mentorship and guidance in place. Regular check-ins and evaluations also help. We can advise you on how to do this effectively, based on our experience working with 60+ companies.
We usually have talent available and ready to start an internship or a job. Classes graduate every 2 months.
Definitely! This will give you a better understanding of the technical level and soft skills of our students. Please contact us to schedule a visit.
Complete this form if you are interested in hiring one of our students or have any further questions.

Top tech companies are hiring our graduates.

Join them in hiring motivated, loyal and skilled devs while making a positive impact on society.