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Our graduates come from various educational backgrounds, but all share perseverance and grit. Our program is very demanding and finishing it really is an achievement.

Some of the 60+ companies who trust HackYourFuture:
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The Program

HackYourFuture trains refugees and other disadvantaged groups with limited access to education and the labor market to become web developers, software testers and SalesForce developers through a 7-month program. After the education track, graduates start their careers through a 3-6 month internship at one of our partner companies.
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Growth mindset

Our graduates write clean code and think like problem-solvers. They know Javascript, but more than anything, they know how to learn new technologies and frameworks.

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More than just code

We train and evaluate the progress of our students not only based on their coding skills but also in terms of communication, collaboration, drive and proactivity.

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Smooth recruiting

We introduce you to candidates that fit the profile you are looking for, and take care of all needed documentation and paperwork to make the hiring process seamless.

“Close to 90% of our graduates found employment as a programmer within three months after graduation. This is our most important measure of success.”
Wouter Kleijn | HYF's Managing Director

A variety of roles

Companies hire graduates from our program because of their drive, attitude and learning agility. That’s how they end up working in a variety of roles such as Frontend, Backend and FullStack Developers, Software Testers and Salesforce Developers.

Hiring Partners
Graduates working in NL

Want to get your team on board? Share this page with them, or download the full partner brochure below.

Sebastian Sawicki
"HYF takes away the complexity involved in hiring interns. Over the last 1.5 years we hired 4 grads and we are so happy with their level of knowledge, motivation and cultural fit."
Sebastian Sawicki
Chief Happiness Officer at New10
Evy van Galen
“HackYourFuture trains truly amazing people. Our mentors at Booking and DAZN say they have never seen more motivated juniors, and the level of knowledge is unbelievable"
Evy van Galen
Recruitment Manager at Booking and DAZN
Radboud Fluttert
"I believe that working with graduates from the HackYourFuture program is a big plus for every single tech company out there that cares about talent, diversity and inclusion.”
Radboud Fluttert
Global Recruitment eBay Classifieds Group

Let’s make a positive impact together!

Five years ago HackYourFuture was founded to tackle the challenging un(der)employment of newcomers while addressing the ever-growing demand for tech talent. Since then, we have noticed that a lot of companies in tech like to talk about diversity and inclusion, plan events and give speeches. While that’s a start, we believe that for real change, more action is needed. If you want to make sure no talent goes to waste, join us.

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"It’s very rewarding to be productive. To be part of society. To build something that other people need."

Mohamad Monir Hamid
Software Engineer at Exact

Hanbing avatar image
"Backbase facilitates learning and growth in a community with a caring and vibrant atmosphere. I feel lucky to be a part of it."

Hanbing Lee
Intern at Backbase

Esra avatar image
"I am very glad to join Helloprint's amazing team. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to 'design myself'."

Esra Z.
Fullstack Developer at Helloprint

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Legal Matters
Our graduates have residency permits which enables them to work in the Netherlands just like any other citizen. In some cases, employers are eligible for subsidies when hiring a graduate for a full-time job.
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We will send you one or more CVs of graduates that fit your organization. If interested, you can invite them for an interview and technical assessment. You decide if you want to move forward and offer a job/internship.
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We charge a fee of €350/month excl. VAT when you hire a graduate for an internship and a single fee of €3000 (minus internship costs) for a full-time contract and €5000 for a mid/high level dev. Read our brochure for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your needs we will select one or more CVs. You will decide which candidates you want to interview, both testing soft skills and technical skills. If you are interested to hire one or more of our students, you can make an offer for an internship or entry-level job.
Most of our students are on welfare. In most municipalities any remuneration will be deducted from their welfare benefits (‘uitkering’). It is advised to provide travel compensation if the graduate has to travel to work. Of course, once you decide to offer a (half-)year contract they will receive a salary and get out of the uitkering.
Definitely not. Our curriculum focuses on fullstack JavaScript. We also offer a specialised module for students interested in software testing (QA engineering). But the main skills our students hold are grit and drive. This is why many of them end up working as full stack devs, backend developers, software testers, SalesForce developers and so on.
Because of our reputation and network we receive over 200 applications for every class. We select around 12-15 people. After 7 months of intense studying, between 8 and 10 individuals manage to graduate.
Since our students are mostly junior developers it helps to have some form of mentorship and guidance in place. Regular check-ins and evaluations also help. We can advise you on how to do this effectively, based on our experience working with 60+ companies.
We usually have talent available and ready to start an internship or a job. Classes graduate every 2 months.
Definitely! This will give you a better understanding of the technical level and soft skills of our students. Please contact us to schedule a visit.
Complete this form if you are interested in hiring one of our students or have any further questions.
Schedule an intro call with one of our team members

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