Make a Positive Impact on Society,<coding/>.

The HYF Fellowship is a global community of developers supporting refugees-turned-coders to start their tech careers. Over the course of 6-12 weeks, mentors guide graduates from the HackYourFuture program through the creation of a portfolio project that they will use to apply for their first job as a web developer.

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Why Join the Fellowship?

More than Just Coding.
Improve your mentoring skills (and CV!), do something positive for society, and meet really cool people!
Work on Great Projects.
Plan a project with your team, or share with us what you want to build and we will connect you with graduates and mentors ready to tag along!
Fully Remote Initiative.
Our program works with developers and students regardless of where they are located and helps you become a better remote mentor in just a few weeks.

Current Teams

Check some examples of currently active teams and their work!

Team Elastic

Learning the Elastic Stack by building an enriched newsAPI from different sources such as YouTube, Reddit, and many others.


Team Alpha

Building a social platform that allows language learners to interact with each other in a casual way helping them improve their skills in a fun way.


The Agency

Rebuilding the website for the NGO Mentorschap Amsterdam. Technologies include Wordpress, Gatsby, GraphQL and serverless functions.

How it Works?

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Apply and Build your Team
Every team consists of minimum 2 mentors and 2 graduates. You can join with a colleague, a friend, or we can partner you up with another Fellowship volunteer. After this, we will assign you 2 graduates from our program to get the project started.
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The Kickoff Meeting
During this introductory meeting, you will get to know your full team and brainstorm different ideas for a project to work on together. These projects could go anywhere from building a full-stack web application to contributing to your favorite Open Source project. The idea is that everyone finds the work exciting, educational and to end up with something great for graduates to show employers!
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Define the Structure
Once the project idea is ready, you can help the graduates plan their work for the coming 6-8 weeks. At this stage, you communicate your goals as a mentor, how much will you be available for mentoring (2-4 hours per week), and when/how graduates are expected to collaborate and communicate with you (Agile, GitHub boards, Trello, Slack, etc).
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Get the Practice Started!
With the project and collaboration planned and the idea ready, graduates will start working under your guidance for a period of 6-8 weeks. Once the project is finished, we will also promote it on our social media channels.

Our Fellow Members


The HYF Fellowship is an internship alternative for HYF graduates to bridge the gap between graduation and their first tech job. Through this program, you will help graduates gain real-work experience by guiding them through the creation of a project they will use to apply for their first tech job. This is crucial. The vast majority of our students are refugees.

Over 80% of people with a refugee background cannot find a job in the Netherlands. Building their experience after graduation of our program significantly improves the chances of finding a job as a developer and starting a new life in the Netherlands successfully. Last year, over 90% of our graduates found a job after graduating from HackYourFuture. We need your help to make this possible!
HYF grads are trained to perform as junior web-developers in a modern tech team, write clean code and think like problem-solvers. Our 7-month program includes lessons and modules on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, MySQL, Node.js, and React.js. They also learn how to work on software projects within an Agile environment, collaborating using the Scrum methodology. For more information check our curriculum here.
Mentors allocate around 2-4 hours per week during the course of 6-12 weeks. Mentors help guide the graduates into how to better optimize their time, having discussions about which technology to use, creating code reviews together, and having weekly standups to review progress.

Before the practice starts, we will share resources with you including best practices. The mentoring is fully remote and you can plan the best structure and format according to your availability and preferences. Graduates will dedicate anywhere between 20-40 hours per week on the project.
This mentoring practice is not attached to your job or company in any way so no need to have approval from them. Know that you can join this practice with another colleague of yours so you both mentor a group, but we can also pair you up with another Fellow member looking to mentor a team.

We do appreciate it when mentors connect us with companies to present HackYourFuture and discuss the possibility to hire an intern from us though as this is the way we ultimately make impact.
The program is made to teach our students in-demand skills with the sole purpose of them finding a job. If this happens during the Fellowship practice, graduates might have to drop the practice. In this case, we will connect your team with another graduate ready to help. It can also happen that the graduate is so motivated by the project that you both decide to continue and finish it.
Most definitely! Employers appreciate candidates who engage in volunteering and coaching opportunities and this practice can help you with this. Once you get started we will share instructions on how to best add The Fellowship to your online profiles.
The HackYourFuture team will provide you with best practices and templates learned after years of executing similar practices to make your work easily. We are also available to help in anything you need to make your Fellowship program a success.
Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch or join us here.