Being a refugee wasn’t their choice. Becoming a developer was.


Behind the Source celebrates the stories of seven HackYourFuture graduates who have found their vocation and voice through coding and helped build some of the world’s most-used websites.

In a geeky way, their exceptional life stories have been hidden in the code of the websites from the companies where they now work, inviting you to go behind the source, literally.

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To read the stories

1. Visit one of our partners websites from this list:

2. Right-click the page and select “View Page Source”


‘View Page Source’ is only accessible on desktop computers


It’s often overlooked how powerful code can be. A complex, yet universal language that can unlock new opportunities - a passion, a career, a future, and even help change someone’s life, beyond borders.

Behind the Source pays homage to this and to the stories of talented people with a refugee background who became coders.


Behind the Source aims to reframe the conversation around refugees and the contribution they give to the countries they move to, by shifting the focus to their individual potential.

The campaign was made by creative agency 72andSunny. It aims to celebrate the successes of the people portrayed, and the sense of community that we at HackYourFuture provide. Through it, we hope it encourages more companies to meet and employ our graduates.


Join eBay, Accenture, Backbase and dozens of other companies hiring junior talent while making a positive impact on society.


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